Gta 5 casino heist best strategy

gta 5 casino heist best strategy

This guide explains the maximum possible Casino Heist payout. The payout varies depending on which type of content you find. Cash is the most common loot, followed by artwork, gold and finally diamonds. The value of your heist haul and maximum potential payout increases as the rarity of the vault content increases. In table below we show you the maximum potential payout and take that stratrgy can expect for each type of vault content.
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    Casino - Strong Arm Tactics. View source. History Talk 0.

    Highest Paying GTA 5 Online Heists - Game Tips - Get Tips And Tricks Play Like A Pro

    Do you like this video? Play Sound. For a complete list of the features of the cxsino version of Grand Theft Auto Vplease see here. Be ready for a tough negotiation. Collectibles Multiplayer Modifications Controversy. Introduction Mall or Nothing Learning the Ropes. Peace Offerings. Last Play. Premium Deluxe Repo Work. Sasquashed Simeonomics Under the Hammer. Dispatch Services. Acquire Targets. Air Force Zero. Top Fun. Scope Out Kuruma.

    Casino - Strong Arm Tactics

    The Fleeca Job. Plane Bus Station Wet Work. The Prison Break. The Humane Labs Raid. Series A Funding. Pacific Standard. Vans Signal Hack Convoy Bikes. The Pacific Standard Job. Paramedic Equipment Deluxos Akula. The Data Breaches. The Bogdan Problem.

    The Doomsday Scenario. Organization Challenges. Torched Weapon of Choice. Motorcycle Club Challenges. Casino Missions. Casino Scoping.

    Aug 15,  · Furthermore, here are the highest paying and best GTA 5 heists. 1. The Diamond Casino (Highest paying GTA 5 heist) For those who wish to risk big, this is the heist . Cayo Perico Heist - Strategy Thread. The purpose of this post is to consolidate the different strategies for approaching the Cayo Perico Heist. For example, the best solo, 2, 3, or 4 person crew. Any strategies on setups to skip or not skip. Whatever advice you may have to offer in regards to getting your best bang for your buck I want it. Take the Casino's management and ownership team to discuss a buyout with the Duggan Investment Trust. Be ready for a tough Casino - Strong Arm Tactics is a mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino & Resort update. The protagonists are contacted by Agatha Baker, who informs them about the attempted buyout of the casino by the .

    General Heist Prep. The Big Con Heist Prep. Aggressive Heist Prep. Gather Intel. Approach Vehicles. Weapon Loadout.

    Which is the highest paying approach in the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online; payouts explained

    Unmarked Weapons. The Cayo Perico Heist. Impounded Car. The Bank Contract. The Data Contract. Safehouse Location Defenses The Robbery. The Superdollar Deal.

    The Prison Contract. The Agency Deal. The E. U Job. Train Inventory Schedule The Robbery. The Lost Contract. The Union Depository Contract. Universal Conquest Wiki. Agatha Baker Phone call :. Are you busy? There's been a development with the attempted buyout, and we may need your help.

    Please swing by my office as soon as you can. At Agatha Baker's office. Tao Cheng :. Agatha Baker:. Oh hey, good to see you. Cheng has agreed to a meeting with the Duggan Family.

    I'm worried They're clearly not above some fairly heavy tactics Can you come with us? Thank you. Tao Cheng:. Let's party! These bastards think I'm some kind of a joke, eh? I'll put them in the ground Tao Cheng's Translator :.

    GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Walkthrough

    It is the strangest thing Oh, Jesus Debbie can you have two cars brought around front? And make it quick. Driving Tao Cheng and the Translator to the meeting. Tao Cheng's Translator:. Take us to the Marlowe Winery.

    You know what we are doing there? We are meeting Avery and Thornton Duggan, Texan investors. They have been trying to buy the casino. They don't know who they are fucking with. They have been very aggressive. Very dishonest. A hostile takeover. With dirty tricks. They were behind all the bad behavior at The Diamond recently Fuck this shit. We should smoke these guys. Tell them. Cheng is expressing his frustration.

    The Diamond Casino Heist - GTA 5 Wiki Guide - IGN

    They are very heavy handed. How long is this drive? I'm getting antsy. I need to do some squats. Be patient. You can take a jog when we get there. I am going to punch something. The trainer Cheng's mind and body Fuck mindfulness. You see, he is very angry What you talking about? I'm fine, okay? That's how we roll! Cheng is very excited. It is very cassino meeting. If we can persuade them the casino is not for sale And leave us stratevy exploit Americans' gambling and alcohol addictions in the name of entertainment in peace.

    Approaching the Marlowe Winery. Ah, it's up here. We are almost there. Arriving at the Marlowe Winery. You can park up there. The meeting with the Duggan Family. Duggan's bodyguard:. They're here. They're waiting for you out on the terrace if you want to follow me. Jesus, you can see what all those private military investments have got them. Avery Duggan :. So glad you could come to the vineyard. A little cabernet? You wanna do burpee? Avery Duggan:. Er, 'scuse me, son?

    You got problem? Caasino me nor my nephew have a problem that I'm aware of Always have Well you see I never liked eggs I thought to myself I like China I just do. Thornton Duggan :. What my uncle is trying to say is Thornton Duggan:. Excuse me, sir. It's not a problem, Thornton. Now now, boy See I want it Who does this mother fucker think he's fucking?

    GTA Online: Best casino game to make chips

    Do I look like his mother? Cheng's very sorry You boys are making a very big mistake. Thornton, would you excuse us for a moment? And why don't you take Miss Miss Agatha Baker, and show her the expansion proposals we were discussing. Okay, uncle. I think I should stay. I strongly advise that you should leave Very good. Just follow me, Miss.

    Agatha Baker and Thornton Duggan leaves. Well what was that? A ball buster? I don't know Anyway, Mr. I wanna lay my cards on the table. I don't give two fucks about who your family is Am I making myself clear? Most respectfully, Mr. Avery wants you to know Who the fuck man?

    Who the fuck?

    Diamond Casino Heist vs Cayo Perico Heist: Which GTA Online heist has the better payout?

    Tao Cheng angrily points his gun to Avery Duggan. Where I come from Now when I return we will continue this conversation as gentlemen. On second thoughts, I ain't a gentleman Avery Duggan orders his body guards to gun down Tao and his associates. Shit, shit! Protect us! The secondary objectives are artwork, cash, weed, cocaine, and gold.

    gta 5 casino heist best strategy

    Gold is the best secondary objective in terms of payout, but all secondary objectives spawn randomly, making it less consistent in GTA Online. New User posted their first comment. Log in. GTA Feature. Modified 23 Jan Feature. As previously mentioned, there are five primary objectives. Edited by Ravi Iyer 2.

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