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However, not all cun these currencies require you pointx spend real life money. In Phantasy Star Online 2you can earn FUN Points, a type of currency that rewards you for playing the game and interacting with others. During special events, you can purchase FUN Scratch Tickets which can unlock non-clothing fashion items, furniture for your Personal Quarters and consumables. So how do you get FUN Points? FUN Points encourage you to interact with other players.
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    When I redeem my points will it go to that booking or specifically to me? How will I be able to tell if it was applied specifically for MY on board account. Does anyone know how this works? You fun a better rate if you just charge your onboard account to the card and redeem your points to "erase" some fun the balance. Look at the amounts needed for redemption. We do this all the time, you will enter info for your cruise on the redemption site once on board a receipt will be in your room showing you have on board credit on your account.

    When you redeem them it will ask for your booking points, ship, and sail date. It will not ask how you want it applied. We don't use points for onboard credit, either. We get double points using the card for the onboard account.

    Then, after the cruise, we apply our points back toward our cruise bill. Exactly what we do.

    This means that we don't pre-purchase excursions, drink packages, etc. Why points anyone want to fun more points unnecessarily? Use your card for your onboard account, earn double points, and then redeem points to erase some of the charges.

    There's no reason to do it the other way around. At least not that I can fun of. Okay, well one other scenario to consider. Don't plan on using the card for anything else so want to cash in these free bonus points for my cruise n November.

    So it does depend on your situation what works best for you. Bar Cash is a better redemption rate than straight up OBC. But I can see in your case where it would be worth doing it that way. You don't even have to use it on that cruise if you don't want to.

    That seems to points the best thing to do - for everyone. Thanks so much for that update about the Carnival Cards! Since I don't really use the card and don't check the site frequently wasn't aware of this addition. But would rather just have gift card instead of limiting to bar credit. Appreciate the heads up! Sent from my iPhone using Forums. No problem! I just happened to check to see what was under the GC section.

    Carnival Mastercard with FunPoints® | Carnival Cruise Line

    It may have been fun somewhere on here before, but I don't remember. I only got the card for the initial 10, points as well and haven't used it since because there are much better cards out there.

    I'll just leave it at that as to not open up that discussion once again :. You are better off redeeming for a statement credit. You get to double dip just a little bit. That's extra points you wouldn't have if you redeemed for OBC. Points is correct.

    True you won't get points, but it's nice especially if you like to do a cash fu like me. I think the GC option is great.

    Phantasy Star Online 2: How to get FUN Points

    Yeah, if you're doing a cash account, that's the way to do it. I personally love my CC reward points. Instead of paying cash, I put it all on the Carnival card and just pay it off when I get back.

    Fun Points. 23 likes · 5, talking about this. Personal Blog. Changeable Supportive Title MENU. Funzpoints is a new social online casino that ratchets up the fun for online slots players. What you’ll find: Both free and real money slots games; Super-high return-to-player payouts (%+) on two dozen slots; A chance to spin the Funzwheel every 3 hours to add up to to 10, points to your account.

    That way I get all those double points I can use toward my next sailing. To each his own though. Put them on my Cap One Venture card and earn double points on them and everything else all fun time. Table of Contents. A great way to get fun viewers involved with your stream and a way to entice them out of lurking is points create some channel point rewards related to your chat.

    Chat related points redemptions are some of the easiest ideas to implement on your channel. One of points first redemptions that many might want to work towards is a VIP badge on your channel.

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    Many streamers set up permanent VIP redemptions forpoints, or piintspoints. You can offer cheaper redemptions if you wish, such as offering a VIP slot for a month for onlypoints.

    Similar to VIP redemptions, some streamers also set up mod redemptions. If you are comfortable with giving some of your most loyal viewers a poknts sword for a fair amount of points sayfor exampleyou can offer a mod slot.

    fun points

    Some streamers can offer you the ability to time out or ban a user or mod for a short amount of time usually ten minutes. Just ensure that no bad blood ensues from the use of the redemption!

    As a streamer, you can offer certain channel points rewards that relate to things that you can personally do. Some examples of these are below. You can also offer to wear a costume mask for fifteen minutes. If you are trying to get fit and you need a little extra motivation, a good Twitch cannel point ideas is offering some exercise-related redemptions in your chat.

    You can do 1 pushup, situp, squat, or any other exercise for a certain amount of points. Alternatively, you can do sets of 3 or even 5 per channel points redemption.

    Redemption of Carnival MasterCard Fun Points - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community

    You may want to limit total redemptions per stream, however. You can also do a truth or dare of sorts — one that is altered to be compliant to Twitch TOS and rules, of course.

    Often, viewers would love to affect the way you play your game. If you are starting up a new game poits stream or even just fnu new save file with a new character, you can offer your viewers this redemption.

    Twitch Channel Points Ideas - 40+ Clever, Fun & Unique!

    Allowing your community to name your in game characters adds an extra layer of interaction. In certain games, there are many characters that can be selected. Let your viewers redeem points to choose who you play narrow down the list of selections if you need to. If you have a healthy collection of in game cosmetics, you can offer redemptions to let your viewers choose what your characters wear.

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    Of course, certain redemptions can also directly affect your stream. The easiest way is to offer channel specific redemptions is to allow your viewers to choose your stream title. Give specific guidelines ooints your viewers to follow when redeeming. After you end your stream, you can let your viewers choose who to host or raid. This also offers you the added benefit of meeting new people and expanding your community!

    Welcome - Fun Point

    With recent changes Twitch has implemented to mid-roll ad blocks, you might as well roll the ads yourself. Allowing your viewers to redeem 30, 60, or 90 second ad blocks allows them to spend their points while also supporting you. As you start setting up your Twitch channel for custom channel points rewards, you can do a few things that can help you make sure everything goes much more smoothly for you and your viewers.

    Think up a name for your channel points.

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