Gta v casino spin wheel glitch pc

gta v casino spin wheel glitch pc

It has the Lucky Wheel that is situated in the center of the Casino. Players can win various in-game items by spinning the 'Lucky Wheel' daily. However, the most wanted item by players is the Podium Car. The Podium Car changes every week and the chances of winning it are very less as you're allowed to spin the wheel only once per day. In this way you can win the items of your choice. So, keep spinning the Lucky Wheel till the pointer points towards your dream vehicle.
  • GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch | GamesRadar+
  • GTA Online: Glitch lets you win the podium car every time
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  • GTA Online lucky wheel glitch: a shortcut to the best prizes | Star Struck Gaming
  • GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch | GamesRadar+

    To use the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch, you need to be ready to quickly quit the game if the outcome of the spin is not eheel one you want. To do this, interact with the Lucky Wheel then push the left stick up and quickly pull it down to give it a strong spin, allowing you time to set up the next step.

    For Xbox One, wait until you see what the outcome of your spin is going to be, then if you're not happy with it quickly press the Xbox button, scroll to GTA 5 and press the Menu button then choose Quit. PC users can simply press their defined keyboard shortcut to quit once the result is seen.

    All you need to do now is reload the game, and repeat the process for another chance to win the prize of your gpitch.

    Obviously, once you receive glitfh prize you're happy with, don't quit the game and continue to collect your reward.

    GTA Online: Glitch lets you win the podium car every time

    If you don't want to leave things to chance, there is a method you can use which pretty much guarantees you'll win the Podium Car every time. To set this up, you need the Lucky Wheel to be resting on the Clothing wedge two sections to the right of the Vehicle wedge, as pictured above.

    With the Lucky Wheel starting in the correct location, enter the spinning minigame then hold the left stick diagonally up and left between the o'clock position. Wait a couple of seconds then gently bring the stick down while still pushing left — done correctly, the Lucky Wheel will slowly rotate once and land on the Vehicle wedge, as shown in the gif above.

    Jun 20,  · Seize the chance to surely win the Podium Car in GTA Online by using these tricks. You may choose to utilize the glitch that allows you to spin the Lucky Wheel multiple times in a day. Aug 14,  · Interact with the wheel, then press the left stick up, then pull the left stick down fast and sharply. This creates a powerful spin, which you’ll need to execute the glitch’s following phase, which requires a longer length of time. Follow the instructions that relate to your console for the next step. Hit enter and as soon as the wheel shows [Hit S to spin] start the timer (needs to be immediately as this shows up) When the timer hits seconds, hits S (or whatever to spin) If done correctly, the wheel should spin slowly as the wheel kicks off players after seconds or so. If it doesn't work, alt+f4 and try again.

    You may need to experiment with the angle you hold the stick and speed you move it downwards, but as before you can quickly quit the game if you don't land the prize you're aiming for then reload for another go. So, keep spinning the Lucky Wheel till the pointer points towards your dream vehicle. You need to ensure that the Clothing section in the Lucky Wheel is located in the northwest direction.

    gta v casino spin wheel glitch pc mmod

    Wait for approximately four seconds and tug the stick gently. If you are lucky, the wheel will slowly rotate and land on the Podium Car. You may or may not get it the first time you try. But the result will show you how much pressure you need to apply on the tug next time. You can do this by spinning the wheel once and then immediately quitting the game.

    Xbox One — Click the Xbox button. Select GTA 5 and go to the Menu option and quit the game.

    GTA Online lucky wheel glitch: a shortcut to the best prizes | Star Struck Gaming

    You must be careful while taking advantage of the glitch as Rockstar Games can ban your account temporarily or permanently. New User posted their first comment. Spin the wheel like described before, then wait to see the awarded prize.

    gta v casino spin wheel glitch pc

    If the prize is not to your liking, very quickly press the home button, swiftly scroll down to GTA V in the menu and hit the menu button 3 horizontal lines. Next, when the little submenu pops up, press quit in the app.

    Just like the Xbox method, spin the wheel. Hover your cursor over quit game and wait for the spin to complete.

    gta v casino spin wheel glitch pc

    Should the prize be not what you want double tap X. Just make sure you have a casnio for this. Once this step is done, you will be able to load up the game again and repeat the process with no 24 hour waiting period.

    Although Rockstar has blessed us with ridiculous loading times so loading GTA does take a good few minutes. The process of loading in can be slightly shortened, Just open up your settings, go to savings and startup, click on the startup flow menu and set GTA Online as your default.

    This stops you loading directly into story mode than having to sit through a second loading screen to transfer to online. Although we are kinda using this to our advantage, exploiting a slight hole in the system, to be honest, there are far more harmful exploits out there.

    Will rockstar detect this?

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