Ng slots facebook

ng slots facebook

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  • Battle for control of PDP begins
  • This is as the countdown to the October national convention for the election of new members of the National Working Committee Facfbook continues.

    According to the report, ahead of the convention, indications are rife that the party might zone its presidential ticket to the north while conceding the national chairmanship slot to the south. Supremacy battle for control of PDP begins ahead of party's convention.

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    But sources within the party also hinted that the PDP might also micro-zone the position of the national chairman to the southwest for strategic reasons, while the vice presidential slot may be taken to the southeast. Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish?

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    Please reach us through info corp. Intrigues within the southwest further suggest that the party may eventually concede the position of national chairman to the region as a way of placating the region for the perceived injustice in the December national convention.

    Ng-Content & Content Projection in Angular - TekTutorialsHub

    Meanwhile, a recent report by a national newspaper indicates that a battle for the control of the PDP is in the offing. According to the report, the battle is between former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Oyo state governor, Rotimi Makinde teaming up, Rivers state governor, Chief Nyesom Wike on one side, and former governors and ex-ministers on another side. The component displays it in skots of ng-content.

    The events like clickinputetc bubble up. Hence can be captured in the faccebook as shown below. You can create custom events using the output as shown in below.

    The button example is a very simple example.

    ng slots facebook

    The ng-content is much more powerful than that. It allows us to create multiple slots in the template. Each slot must define a selector.

    ng slots facebook

    You can think this as a multiple arguments to the component. In the parent component we can create different contents and each of those contents can be projected into any of those slots depending on their selector. To implement this we make use of the ng-content Select attribute. The select attribute is a CSS Selector.

    You can use any CSS selector as the select attribute. Like class, element, id attributes, etc. For Example, the above card component using the CSS class.

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    Now, in the following example, the last paragraph does fcebook belong to any ng-content slots. Hence ng-content will not project the last para as it cannot determine where to add. To solve the above issue, we can include ng-content without any selector. It will display all the content, which cannot be projected into any other slots.

    Battle for control of PDP begins

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to wrap the component using the ng-container. Most of the time when you use a structural directive like ngIf or ngSwitch. In the following example, we enclosed the header inside the ng-container.

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    Because of the ng-containerthe header facebook is not projected to the header slot. Instead, slots is projected to the ng-content slot which does not have a selector set.

    To help in such a scenario, you can make use of ngProjectAs attribute as shown below. The ng-content allows us to add the external content in the Template. We can also define different slots using the selector attribute. These slots allow us to add different content to different slots. Nice one. But, how can I captured the reference of a specific selector in the typescript? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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