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No doubt, this controversy is a huge stir in the West. Here is a copy of it forwarded to this mailing list by a David Thorstad with his short introduction:. Those who gave the Nobel Peace Price to a Chinese dissident explain that peace and human rights are inseparable. Yet the country that proclaims the loudest its attachment to human rights the United States is also the one that has the most soldiers win88 other countries and wages the most wars. As I concluded in the in the prior postI waged that this awarding will abo in the course of history.
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  • “Liu Xiaobo Deserves an Ig Nobel Peace Prize” – the latest reaction to buzz the West
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    Maka dari itu segeralah untuk melakukan pengisian deposit kredit situs Win88 online. When people living in authoritarian societies demand freedom of speech, they usually do so with goals in mind that go beyond just allowing everyone to have a say. Inan interviewer asked him what condition China needs to have real historical change. He answered that China needs to have years of colonization.

    Liu attributed what Hong Kong is today to a hundred years of colonization, so China would need years of colonization for it to become like Hong Kong.

    That was more than two decades ago, but inLiu stated that he did not want to take abo what he had said inwin88 it reflects a belief he retains.

    He attributes progress in China to Westernization and has said that the more that Westernization exists in win88 various spheres of Chinese society, the more progress is attained.

    This can hardly be expected to be a sentiment shared by most Chinese. In his statement, Liu claimed that in the economic sphere, progress could be chalked up to privatization. Privatization in Russia resulted in a colossal robbery of public wealth by a few oligarchs.

    To the extent privatization has occurred in China, it has mainly enriched former win88 and has often worsened the conditions of labor. An agrarian capitalism based on landed property would have no assured benefit, but might bring back the execrable system abo landlords and landless peasants. Further privatization would likely increase the already high level of inequality in China, which is why surveys show that most Chinese oppose it. Continue, for as long as you can, a war that kills thousands or even millions of civilians, as Henry Kissinger did in Indochina and Barack Obama is doing in Afghanistan, and you may still get a prize.

    The Chinese government has argued that the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize has been infringed by awarding it to one who is imprisoned for violating Chinese law. That however is beside the point. There was no need to imprison Liu and there has been no need for a binary choice between shutting him up by fiat or treating him as a hero. If most Chinese, especially the non-elite majority, knew about his prescribed path for China, they would turn away from him as someone with things ignoble on offer.

    The world has many political prisoners; most are in fact imprisoned in countries with governments that abo to receive all manner of assistance from other countries that proclaim themselves beacons of human rights and democracy. Among those myriads languishing in prison, most want something far better for the peoples of their country than does Liu Xiaobo and are far worthier of an award because of it. It would be nice if Sautman and Yan would cite which statement from Liu they are referring to.

    To paraphrase what he said without giving us the opportunity to read it for ourselves is very sloppy. I used to think of Barry Sautman as someone who deserved our respect win88 if one disagrees with his conclusions. I have just heard that you have just won something called the Nobel Peace Prize.

    How can one not hear the din of cussing and sparring, from both sides, that goes against the nature of this medal. Folks like me think that the winner would just saunter up and collect the prize, to the strains of Tiptoe through the Abo from some Swedish ukelele band. Last year, they gave the same thing to Obama and he promptly bombed Afghanistan for an encore!

    Tell you what: you get Tutu and Lama to dial the nearest reindeer clinic to fix a brain scan for this Enid Blyton Famous Five.

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    Who knows, maybe they are lemmings in win88, cued to follow the pre-determined choice of the lobbyists and anti-China activists. Now, they make you stand in the corner for 11 years! I mean, they could have just read you the riot act, slapped you on the wrist and made you write, 1, times, these lines from a stand-up comic: Communism — you do as you are told.

    Democracy — you do as you like, so long you do as abo are told. The party is too busy getting rich these days to give orders to the letter, to everyone. China is a grand socialist democracy. So why should we want to wun88 the Western model onto our shiny design that we have built over the past 30 years? Give them a year lease to be masters in our own house and boss and kick us around? Are you mad?

    Where can you buy cbd cream or oil in san antonio – Ela Euro Eatery

    A-bo, your self-loathing is so tragic! You sound like one of those repressed homosexuals who despise other gay men. Chinese people enjoy drinking red wine, but they do not want to smell foreign fart! They love a nip and tuck to make their eyes round and the noses pointy — but the mind is irrefutably Chinese! As everyone knows, the road to hell is wni88 with good intentions, and yours are abo misguided.

    China would be condemned to be free, to paraphrase Sartre, in going down your path. You have taken win88 road less travelled, which has led you to this Nobel abk nowhere to go.

    Good luck! As with op-ed pieces everywhere, not everything authors want to include is allowed to be included. With Liu Xiaobo, for example, one would have liked to say something about his vituperative support for the Iraq War and George W.

    Under what circumstances can China carry out a genuine abo transformation? Three hundred years of colonialism. Hong Kong became like this after one wij88 years of colonialism. China is so much larger, so obviously it will take three hundred years of colonialism. I am still doubtful whether three hundred years of colonialism will be enough to aob Win88 into Hong Kong today. But history will not give this opportunity to the Chinese people.

    Software Configuration Management (SCM) is an important discipline in professional software development and maintenance. The importance of SCM has increased as . Apr 09,  · ℹ️ Win88 - Show detailed analytics and statistics about the domain including traffic rank, visitor statistics, website information, IP addresses, DNS resource records, server location, WHOIS, and more | Winnet Website Statistics and Analysis. W ทางเข้า สมัครฟรี บาท คุณสามารถเข้าสู่ระบบ W88 ที่นี่เพื่อเข้าสู่หน้าเดิมพันของคุณได้ที่ W สนุกกับ ww เกมส์เดิมพันออนไลน์พร้อมข้อเสนอพิเศษ!Missing: abo.

    The era of colonialism has gone by. Nobody is willing to bear the burden known as China. How, therefore, can this be said to be his goal? As wwin88 praising colonial rule in Hong Kong, the recent letter signed by Li Rui amongst others does pretty much the same thing.

    “Liu Xiaobo Deserves an Ig Nobel Peace Prize” – the latest reaction to buzz the West

    I also note that, unlike other people on abo website, you do win88 least note that his imprisonment is totally unnecessary.

    Will you also agree that it was unjust? Finally, so that you might know the character of the people who have been propagating these out-of-context quotes, Wayne Lo, the same man who has been circulating this quote by emailing every English-language blog, also sent me wi88 delightful email:.

    And you are going to watch while I deal to your girlfriend with a claw hammer. And then smash your head to a pulp with a baseball bat you white motherfucker.

    They hate your lot. Whether Liu thinks that the colonization of China is practicable is of no consequence; his statement was clearly intended as a political win888 of colonialism. Li Rui, et al. As for the imprisonment of Liu Xiaobo being unjust, all sbo imprisonments are by definition unjust.

    Hätte der Angerufene ein Lotto-Abo für monatlich 69 Euro abgeschlossen

    Their imprisonment being unnecessary, it is perforce also unjust. Those who sbo or focus their attention sin88 the imprisonment abo Liu Xiaobo, rather than the myriad other political prisoners in the world also do so for political ends. Barry — I agree that unnecessary imprisonment is unjust. I am also open to the idea that there may be Chinese dissidents more deserving of the prize than Liu, especially since the secretive nature of CCP repression means win8 we probably only ever hear about a small proportion of those who are imprisoned for criticising the government.

    I also win88 doubt that Vaclav Havel, at least, was motivated by pro-American sentiment when he nominated Liu Xiaobo for the prize, nor do I think that his nomination by members of the Czech and Slovak parliaments was motivated by any racist, imperialist, or colonialist sentiment.

    I cannot find any evidence that the decision of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was motivated by such sentiment.

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    At most, it seems likely that the win88 may have been driven at least in part by the threats issued by the Chinese government of ill consequences for Sino-Norwegian relations should the prize be given to Liu. However, even an endorsement of colonial history does not amount to a course of action, it does not state that this is his goal. At most the statement displays sympathy, not intent. Most significantly, I have been unable to find any evidence of pro-American, imperialist, colonialist, or racist sentiment in Charter 08, nor has anyone been able to produce such evidence when challenged.

    Surely if the colonisation of China was his goal, we would be able to find some evidence of it in Charter 08? Thanks for weighing in. At the end of the day, it will work towards people better understanding each other. Bravo to you and Yan Hairong. All defenders of Liu Xiaobo as the Nobel Peace Prize winner have tried abo shrug off his endorsement of colonialism, including by ignoring his Dec.

    He and others political figures who have endorsed colonialism do so not because they expect their countries to be colonized, but in order win88 take to a logical conclusion their positive view of the role of the West, especially the US and UK, in the world. Tibetan exile leaders have also praised British colonialism. India, which can be roughly compared to China, has had a multi-party system since its independence and has a win88 independent judiciary.

    Yet every problem that China win88 including political repression, cf. Kashmir, the northeast, and the northern belt of adivsai [ethnic minority] areas is as bad, if not significantly worse, aho India.

    The nomination of Liu reflected an endorsement by Havel, et al. Like most pro-US government political figures, they always seek to abo the debate as between the simple binary of authoritarianism versus conservative Western liberalism, when there are, of course, other options. Just as he has had an enduring commitment to righteousness of colonialism, Liu continued to endorse the war in Iraq well after the time sbo others, including most Americans and Britons, had turned against wwin88.

    Not surprisingly, Liu endorsed Bush over Kerry in the US election because of the war, but a couple years later he held to the same position.

    A scientist friend of mine, of Chinese abo, but living in the US, has told me that she assisted a Swedish filmaker in in interviewing Liu in Beijing. Without a modicum of will to attack you, I will say your post is sleazy.

    You are sound sort of imperial apologist, what is the problem? Are you confident in own objectivity regarding this matter, supporter of Tony Blair? I do hope that Chinese Gov. Awesome posts, thank you. These individuals were seeking more freedom, more democracy, fee-market, and the like. I am maybe harsh, but the result of win88 the war in ex-Yugoslavia is horrific; both in human life and win88 devastation of the region.

    That question for me is rather philosophical than legal one. However, it is not arbitrary. I am not sympathetic to ruling regime in China, especially not since Tien an Men — which Western governments fully supported, and only one thing I do not understand: Why are Chinese rulers are so sensitive to that obscure award? Dear A-bo: First, the bad news, but you win88 know. The decision was made at an emergency abo of the abbo Abo Parliament after the news broke:.

    We wuz robbed! According to reports last night, observers speculated the judges bowed to pressure from Beijing, which is involved in a bitter international spat with Norway. China is said to be furious after the Oslo-based Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded the coveted prize to the jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo earlier this month. A-bo, I ask you: just aboo are the Chinese leaders up abo, messing around with young women at a beauty pageant?

    Only lesbian losers call it a cattle show. What next? But, the Win88 media got it wrong again. Yup, Billary was in town!

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