Xfinity not on bet app

xfinity not on bet app

Fri, Nov 20, AM. I started having the same problem a couple days ago on our Samsung TV. Spoke to Comcast support numerous times now over chat and just got off the phone with support. They had me uninstall the app during every consultation and on the most recent call back with a "higher support", they had me reset the TV nlt factory defaults xfiniyt reinstall the app. Talking with the one support agent, he said that their was an internal ticket open to address the issue.
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    They did not allow streaming through linux. We complained If they can do it, so can you.

    Comcast Xfinity Apple TV Activation - Updated | Burlimonster

    Unless, you are willing to state you are less capable than netflix. I really hope you won't just ignore this message. I really want to use the streaming capability.

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    We appreciate your feedback on this situation. Due to this thread being almost a year old, comments will be closed. If you need further assistance other than the accepted solution, please create bef new thread detailing the issue. We will assist there. They will never change their stance.

    xfinity not on bet app

    They have been persistently clear on this point for many years. This is insanely stupid. It doesn't even seem to work if I spoof the user-agent string in chrome.

    Watch BET Shows on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon TV

    Weirdly firefox will get further loading the channel guide etc. Xfinity Stream App. Xfinity Community Forum. Mobile Apps. Linux OS and streaming app I am able to sign onto our account and the streaming app on every device except my Linux computer. Responses Ebt Solution. Lets get it done Comcast! I understand the bef not working but the website should be is independent as long as its a major browser like Firefox or chrome. Have you tried chrome yet?

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    If you read my message you would see that I have tried Chrome and most others Browsers in all sorts of ways. It is just not alowed by Comcast on Linux of any flavior YET, but maybe someday!

    Comcast, it's time to support linux! I do not have TV service but I do have internet and rent the X1 gateway. Wanted to watch some Watchethon but the app won't stream.

    Solved: Error: TVAPP with Xfinity Stream Beta - Roku Community

    Go to the episoide, and click, beh second of display looks like stream is going to start but then it doesn't. No error messages. Also tried casting xfinity from my smartphone to this TV and that won't work either. It's not recognizing the Samsung.

    I do have it set up fine with my Sony. I love my Samsung tv and the fact that I can use our stream app on it. I didn't even do anything. Makes no sense. But I guess I got my live TV back.

    Xfinity TV Packages and Pricing |

    I did it through Xfinity assist. They connected me to technical support assist and through there they refreshed my account with my new address. All good now.

    Jul 28,  · Xfinity TV Features. X1 DVR: The X1 DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, from Xfinity allows the user to watch their favorite shows even if they are not around to catch them when they are streaming. Simply record the TV program of choice and then play it back when convenient. This also allows you to pause, rewind or fast-forward live TV shows and even create an instant replay. @bangdps @Khry___ depends on the service/setup. best bet is to remove as many variables as you can. bypass router and connect directly to modem if poss. if problem still happens at that point look at modem logs and call support bc u can't fix it. Get the most out of Xfinity from Comcast by signing in to your account. Enjoy and manage TV, high-speed Internet, phone, and home security services that work seamlessly together — .

    Make sure all your Roku devices are all plugged in and connected to internet when they refresh your address. One of mine was not so now I need to have them do it again. I had the same error message after signing up for Xfinity TV service. I expected them to send a technician out to set me up, but they said, "just download the app and stream everything.

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    I tried calling Comcast customer service. I waited on hold for several hours over a few days, and talked to three different reps who didn't know what they were doing. One had screaming children in the background and when I said I couldn't hear her, she put me on hold for ten ap. I then hung up.

    Xfinity and Apple TV Plus - Apple Community

    Another customer service rep asked if my television was "technicolor. What does that even mean? Fast forward to this morning two and a half days after I ordered TV service - I went to my local Xfinity store and in under two minutes they had moved my order from "confirmed" to "activated" and my streaming TV service now works. Why on Earth nog the three customer service reps that I spoke with not do the same thing?

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